#30: Summertime; Low & clear, but they’re still here!


Ken Morris (Dr. Noisewater) and Drew are together, in person for the first time, to record a podcast. We’re  joined by Nic Robinson, of Winston Salem, as they discuss the kayak fishing guided lesson they just wrapped up on the Susquehanna River, in eastern PA. Nic has hired Drew to do several weekend trips a year that are more educational adventures than they are “guided trips.” These are the style of trips that Drew offers; he wants to help anglers learn how to catch these fish apart from him, not just put people on fish to have them leave and never fully understand the “why” and the “how” they were caught. Nic learned a lot and the guys really got into some nice fish…tune into our social feeds to see some of the great photos from the trip, and Drew’s 4th place finish at the Hobie BOS Susquehanna tournament.