#39: Driving with Drew (DWD) #1 – Lewisville in June, Why I prefer same Length/Action on all my setups, you can present lures upstream!


In the first ever Driving with Drew (DWD), I’m on my way back from NC, driving up to OH. I update you guys on why I was briefly in NC, what I think about the B.A.S.S. Kayak Nation Championship being moved to June, why I go against the grain and prefer to throw the exact same length, action and reel on pretty much all my setups!, and why it’s ok to fish lures back upstream and how to position your kayak for some of those presentations. I ramble, have no script, and just try to keep my eyes on the road while I keep talking about whatever pops in my head! Hope you guys enjoy these new and even more RAW and candid HOWW DWD episodes!


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