Fantasy Kayak Bass Fishing

Please read the rules below fully, and if you have any more questions, watch this video on how to register. Also, to understand this better, you should listen to the latest HOWW podcast – #25 (also on itunes, Stitcher, Google Play) as I explain all about this fantasy game.


Created by Drew Gregory and Ken Morris, of the Hooked on Wild Waters Podcast. This fun game is meant to promote all top level kayak bass fishing tournament trails, and their anglers. This game is also to give the fans, anglers, and communities a chance to have a little fun following along with the tournaments this year. It will make following the pro level events more interesting, as we’ll now have a rooting interest in certain anglers.

Aside from the fun this brings, this will also be a great way to keep track of how much cash the top anglers in kayak fishing are bringing home each year. It will also help us see how much cash is awarded by the top 3 pro level tournament trails.

We hope everyone joins in on the fun, regardless of group or league affiliations, sponsorships etc, because this is simply about the entire sport, its anglers and all the good people who are working hard to make these events happen. This is one reason we are keeping it free, and sponsor-less (we will of course mention company names in the “prizes” since they are donating prizes for us all). Even though it is free, don’t discount how fierce the competition will be, because sponsors are kicking in new prizes daily and the total prize package will grow well into the thousands of dollars! Please consider supporting those brands who have contributed to the prize pool, since they are supporting us!


  1. This league is experimental, and supposed to be simple, fun, but yet competitive too! It’s just a game, so don’t lose sight of this!
  2. You can register a team of (6) anglers to fill out your roster. Pro Tour Anglers (who are in the fantasy game) are also eligible to participate, and are allowed to choose themselves. We’d hope they would! Ha!
  3. Select 2 anglers from Tier 1 (The Hammers). Pick 3 anglers from Tier 2 (Proven Pros), and 1 angler from Tier 3 (Wild Cards). *You can message Ken Morris or I (Drew Gregory) on Facebook or Instagram to add an angler into the game up until Jan 24th.
  4. Once you select your team, they are your team for the entire season. Your team can be changed up until the lineup locks at midnight on the night of Jan 3oth.
  5. Your 6 anglers will earn your team points based on how much money they earn at major pro level tournaments. This includes any bonus bucks, big bass and big bass brawl bonus money.
  6. The team with the most points after all pro level events are over, will be declared the winner. Based on the current schedule, it appears the Hobie BOS Tournament of Champions will be the final event.
  7. Only the KBF Realtree Fishing Pro Tour (including any Pro Tour “Opens” that are TBD), B.A.S.S Nation Kayak Series, Hobie Bass Open Series anchored by Power Pole & its Tournament of Champions (TOC) will count. Plus, the Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship, The KBF Tenvitational and KBF’s “The Ten.” This is approximately 27 total tournaments.
  8. Prizes – This may be free, but it will still be taken seriously enough to be highly competitive because some real nice prizes are on the line! Thanks to our sponsors who are making our prize pool larger and larger by the day! We’ll be sure to update you on how large the prize pool is getting!
  9. Donations – is running this league, but it is not free for us to put on. They have worked with us considerably given that we have no money to pay them for their services and wanted to keep this free for you guys the first year, to gauge interest. If you feel inclined to donate anything, be it just $5 or $10, that would be MUCH APPRECIATE by, Ken and I! Paypal us at or Venmo me at andrew-gregory-25. Any donations over the cost of the league will be added to the prize package. 
  10. In case of ties, prizes will be split evenly.
  11. One entry per individual, and PLEASE use your actual name (or what you go by). We don’t want team names, such as “River Rats” or “Flippin’ mats, not Yaks” or whatever. Its best if its just our names.
  12. However, one entry per organization/company is allowed. A team titled “Team Yak Attack” that is created by the Yak Attack company (typically would consist of their team anglers), or “Team Kayak Bass Nation,” that is created by the guys at KBN and likely consist of anglers who are either active on KBN or high on their Power Rankings, is allowed. Only one official team per company/community is allowed. For example, if John Hipsher from Yak Attack wants to create a Yak Attack team, he can do so for the brand, but also have a “John Hipsher” team. We wanted to give brands, communities, other shows/podcasts a chance to argue, banter and discuss or poll their fans/followers on who they feel they should “draft” on the team that is representing their brand/community. If an organization wins, no prizes will be awarded to them; prizes will roll down to the next “individual” participant.
  13. Last date to sign up is January 30th. Lineups lock at midnight that night.

CURRENT PRIZES (updated 1/14)

1st place – $600 prize package
2nd place – $300 prize package
3rd place – $200 prize package
4th place – $100 prize package
5th place – $100 prize package
6th place – $100 prize package
7th place – $100 prize package
8th place – $100 prize package
9th place – $100 prize package
10th place – $100 prize package