HOWW Kayak Trailer Order Form

Use this form to order your HOWW Edition Trailer today. Once you hit submit, the form will be sent to the HOWW team. Someone will call you to confirm your order, discuss the shipping/pickup options further, and take payment. We hope this trailer gets you and your kayaks to some of the best wild water out there!

Hooked on Wild Waters Trailer Ordering Form

    -- Single holds 2 kayaks flat, while the HOWW Double holds 4 kayaks flat -- Both can hold more, if necessary, by putting kayaks on their sides (j-cradles help) -- Single is $2450 for HOWW fans ordering off this form (MSRP is $2584) -- Double is $2800 for HOWW fans ordering off this form (MSRP is $2925) -- We'll take an additional $50 off your purchase price if you are picking it up from the TN Trailers Factory in Soddy Daisy, TN.
    Standard colors are listed, however the trailer can be painted any color for a slight up-charge of $105. It can be covered in black "Aqua Armour" for an additional $305. Aqua Armour is essentially Rhino Lining for trailers and it adds additional protection from the environment, salt water and anything that may bang against your trailer.
  • -- Removing features "may" drop the price, but we cannot guarantee it. It all depends on what feature you want removed -- Adding a feature will increase the price, and you will be notified on "how much" your customized addition will be before the trailer is built. -- Adding any custom feature will extend the lead time to get your trailer, whereas a standard build may be able to ship as soon as you pay.
    Shipping Info:  OPTION 1: If your home address is 100 miles or less, the only option is to pick up the trailer from the TN Trailers factory in Soddy Daisy, TN. OPTION 2: If you are between 100 and 250 miles and would like to pick up your trailer, we will give you an additional $50 off of the purchase price. OPTION 3: If you are more than $250 miles away and would like to pick up your trailer, we will give you an additional $100 off the purchase price. OPTION 4: You would like it shipped to your area, where you can pick it up there. Based on where you live we will determine the shipping price and let you know when we call to confirm your order.

Thank you for your order!